All The Great Reasons Why Now’s The Time To Switch To Fake Grass

While the debate over climate change rages on, the summers are getting longer and hotter each year in most of the world. At the same time, water supplies and rainfall amounts are dropping, making rates go up and causing rationing in many large cities. There are a lot of ways that the average person can make a few small changes to their lifestyles and make a huge difference in their environmental footprints. Changing to fake grass is an easy choice to make, it looks good and is a money saver as well. Here are all of the good reasons why you should consider it for your home as well.

Artificial Grass Looks Great All Of The Time

When they start rationing water in all of the neighborhoods, one of the first things to die is all of lawn areas. Grass needs water at least every few days to stay green and thriving, especially when the weather gets really hot.

If you even miss one of the few days per week that you’re allowed to water, most likely all of your regular grass will die. Then, it will take even more water to get it back to normal. Not so, of course, with fake grass or artificial turf. It never needs water, doesn’t grow, never turns brown, and looks good all of the time. Depending on the price of water per gallon in your area, you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by switching over.

You Never Need To Mow It

This is a huge plus for people that like to have their lawn areas look good 100% of the time. In today’s’ world, people that mow lawns want to get paid enough to feed a family. Gone are the days when the kid next door only needed to make a couple of dollars. No, now mowers are expensive, gasoline costs an arm and a leg, and labor costs are out of sight.

Now you can go on vacation, or just spend your days relaxing, and you don’t have to schedule your time around having someone mow your lawn. Or for that matter, if you have elderly parents, mow their lawn either. It’s the perfect match, made in heaven, people that love to look at a nice green front yard but are too old to push a lawnmower around every week.

No Pesticides Needed, Ever

This is a huge factor for some people. There are lots of people that came back from the Vietnam war with an allergy to the herbicide Agent Orange, which of course, is the same exact chemicals that people put on their lawns to kill weeds, like dandelions. Some people are so allergic that they have trouble breathing just by walking by on the street or nearby.

The other problem with a lot of these kinds of herbicides is that they interfere with the hormonal systems of humans. They tend to either block estrogen or multiply its effects, both are dangerous, especially for young children. There are lots of odd diseases that are on the rise, like autism, eczema, obesity, and many others that could be related to pesticides being sprayed on people’s lawns. We still don’t know, but you shouldn’t let your children play on regular grass that’s been treated with any kind of herbicide, insecticide, or other chemicals.

Although most fertilizers are fairly safe, many have special ingredients to kill weeds. The nice thing about fake grass is that you’ll never need weed killers, bug killers, or fertilizers, ever again in your lawn. You also won’t need the sprayers, mowers, and fertilizer spreaders either.

Artificial Turf Is Very Durable

The beauty of fake turf is that it’s tough in all types of climates, not just the hot sun. As you can see by watching an NFL Football game, turf can take the pounding of 300 lb men running, sliding, crashing, and bouncing without ever breaking apart. Kids can play on it all day long for years and not have a problem with damaging it. Snow and ice won’t kill it or damage it, and pouring rain won’t over water it either.

Dogs will also love it, it’s nice to lie on, no bugs are going to crawl out of it, and when it’s time to go inside, your dog won’t need a bath because of mud, dirt, sand or anything else. Plus, if you have animals, like cats and dogs, that like to eat regular grass, you’ll note that they completely ignore the artificial kind. So no more vomiting up the wild grass like in the past. Pets love artificial grass and they’ll be happier too.

Cleaning up after your pet is also easier as well. For the most part, all that is needed is a dust pan and stiff broom to take care of any mess. Dogs can also be trained to do their business in specific areas where you can clean up after them easier too.

Raking Leaves Can Be A Breeze Too

Recycled Turf Backyard

This is where life really gets easier than ever before. Since the fake grass isn’t organic, most leaves will sit on top of it for quite some time. The best way to get rid of them is with a leaf blower. You can make quick work of clearing your entire yard in just a few minutes with a blower.

Any areas that get lost of traffic and get matted down can usually get fluffed back up using a stiff broom brushing the blades backwards. Places that get soiled by dogs can be hosed off with a garden hose and nozzle.

There are more reasons why you should consider fake grass at your home, but saving money on mowing, fertilizer, water, pesticides, and cleaning are all great ones. By getting recycled turf from Artificial Grass Recyclers you could save even more money because it is used turf. Being more healthy and keeping your family safe is also good. Add To that the year round beauty and the fact that kids and dogs love it, and you’ve really got all the reasons you need.