Create a Year Around Outdoor Oasis

Having a special living space outdoors of your own home is a special thing. People love to be able to retreat to their backyard every once in a while to get a little rest and relaxation but what about winter time? Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you want to be indoors all day every day, that is why it’s important to know how to create an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed year around. Some tips to creating the perfect outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed year around includes building a gazebo or outdoor patio onto your house, get a gas fireplace to use outside, making sure there is adequate lighting outside and putting up a fence around your lawn. Try to get an idea of what you want before involving landscape designers.

Creating an outdoor patio or gazebo
By building an outdoor gazebo or patio that has retractable walls to allow you to be both indoors and outdoors at the same time is probably the best way to create your outdoor living space that can be enjoyed year around. Whether you build it yourself or buy one, allowing yourself a small area of real estate to be your outdoor living space area is a great way to enjoy your backyard, even in cooler temperatures.

Gas Fireplace
Another great way to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor living space year around is by installing a portable gas fireplace somewhere outside. A great place to put one is on a deck or porch where you can sit and relax while utilizing the heat from the fireplace to stay warm. They not only have a purpose but look nice too so it’s a win win for the fireplace.

Keep the Outdoors Lit
You also want to be sure you have enough lights outside if you plan to use your outdoor area year around. In the fall and winter months the days are shorter and therefore it gets dark out there fast. If you really want to be able to use the space, you have to be able to see while your out there.

Fencing Off Your Lawn
Finally, if you want to be able to use your outdoor living area year around it is a good idea to put up a fence around your lawn. When it gets dark or late even during the summer months you might feel more comfortable if you knew you were in a safe, gated area. Putting up a fence allows you your privacy and will overall make your outdoor experience a lot better!